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It’s here! The 2016 QuickSurveys Naughty or Nice List [ Infographic ]

Our 2016 Naughty or Nice study’s findings have just been released, and you may be surprised who’s on the list! Take a look below and see where you fall:

2016 Naughty or Nice

Mobile Monster

  • The Nice: When dining with family, 50% have a no cell phone policy, 50% do not
  • The Naughty: When dining with friends, only 39% have a no cell phone policy and 61% do not.

Social Media Scoundrels

  • 24% Blocked a friend on social media without their knowledge
  • 20% Blocked a family member on social media without their knowledge
  • 17% Left a cell phone on in movie theater
  • 38% Checked a cell phone more than once when dining with others

Debbie Downer or Debbie Donator?

The Nice:

  • 28% donated time
  • 31% donated money
  • 21% donated time and money
  • 60% Committed an act of kindness (a.k.a paying it forward)
  • 60% Completed a favor for a friend or neighbor that was inconvenient
  • 34% Helped pay for someone’s groceries when they didn’t have enough money

During the holiday season:

The Nice:

  • 48% Donate clothing to the less fortunate
  • 17% Volunteer at homeless shelters
  • 15% Volunteer at animal shelters
  • 27% Participate in a giving tree
  • 21% Sponsor a family
  • 40% Purchase a toy for a less fortunate child

The Naughty

  • 20% have not donated to any non-profit organizations this year
  • 26% that found an item not belonging to them, kept the item
  • 17% that found an item not belonging to them took a few things and returned the rest

General Good Samaritans

  • 87% dropped everything to help family or friends
  • 76% invited someone over for the holidays if that person didn’t have plans
  • 73% gave a jacket to someone that was cold
  • 41% were kind to a bully

Daunting Dating Stories

  • 21% Ghosted someone
  • 15% Flaked on a first date from an online dating match
  • 33% Looked on a significant other’s phone or social media page
  • 54% Lied to a current or past significant other about their whereabouts

General Naughty Behavior

  • 59% have faked sick to get out of something they didn’t feel like doing
  • 30% have considered cheating on taxes thinking the likeliness of the government noticing is slim
  • 20% Gossiped about close friends
  • 18% Spoiled a movie or tv/Netflix series plot to someone
  • 14% Told a child (on purpose or accidentally ) that Santa Claus isn’t real
  • 12% Lied on a resume or job interview

Political Pettiness

The Nice:

  • 50% Did not react negatively to politics this year
  • 57% Remained kind to someone with the opposite political opinion

The Naughty:

  • 14% Taken a political candidate’s sign off a lawn
  • 16% Told people they voted, when they didn’t
  • 17% Unfriended someone because of the election/political posts
  • 18% Wrote something negative about the election outcome online
  • 25% Got into a heated argument about politics with someone


The Nice:

  • 48% Given kids a reward for completing chores
  • 40% Given kids a reward for doing homework

The Naughty:

  • 36% Bribed kids to get them to do something
  • 35% Used kids as an excuse to get out of something
  • 37% Given kids electronics (iPad/iPhone/tablet) to keep them quiet

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